Update March 27 | 4:45 P.M.

We are approaching our third Sunday of no in-person worship gathering. We are thankful for the ability to livestream our worship services and to connect digitally through Zoom and Facebook groups, but I am reminded of how much I love being with the body of Christ. I long to sing, pray, study God’s Word, and break bread together through the Lord’s Supper. I am grateful for the work of our staff team in crafting ways to “stay connected,” but make no mistake: it is not the same. 

Our staff believes it is wise to now suspend all on-campus activities until further notice. We simply cannot predict when it will be possible to return to a regular weekly schedule. Also, we are now transitioning our staff to work from home. We will answer our office phones and emails remotely, so please feel free to contact us. We will keep a few staff members on campus Mondays from 7:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. should you want to deliver your offerings in person. We would encourage you, however, to give online at fbcprattville.org/giving or mail your offerings. We will continue to receive mail daily as usual.

As you have heard, Governor Kay Ivey and State Superintendent Eric Mackey closed all K–12 public schools for the remainder of the year. Thus, our First Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten and First Baptist Mom’s Day Out will not return to complete the academic year. I want to commend Heather Jolley and Carla Salle, along with all of our teachers, for their wonderful work in serving our students and parents during this strange time.

There are two primary ways our staff wants to encourage you to make the most of this time of isolation:

  1. We have begun an intentional membership care effort called “Adopt a Member.” Our staff has organized a list of over 200 members who are the most isolated during this time of social distancing. These widows, widowers, homebound, and singles will be “adopted” by other members within our church to provide extra care in addition to what our deacons, Sunday School classes, and staff are providing. If you would like to “Adopt a Member,” you can email my wonderful assistant, Kelley Bradley, at . Kelley will assign those who email her to one or two members from the list. We encourage you to make phone calls, grocery runs (if possible), and meet needs that may arise. We pray that “Adopt a Member” will encourage our members and help our church family develop lasting, meaningful relationships.
  2. In addition to catalyzing our church for membership care, we also want to mobilize you to take initiative in your own neighborhoods to live on mission. Serve cards and yard signs are now available outside the Fellowship Hall door entrance (breezeway). These serve cards can also be found at fbcprattville.org/resources. These materials are simple ways to offer assistance. Rather than beginning a new program to meet the needs of our community, we want to help you see that you are the program God has designed to live on mission in our city. These serve cards and yard signs allow you to put your contact information into the hands of your neighbors so you can provide a tangible way to serve the community. People in our neighborhoods will receive a card or see our yard signs, and then they can contact us on our personal phones. Jordan Lee and I have a sign in our yard, and we hope many of you will join us in serving your neighbors.

We will continue to evaluate weekly in order to make prudent decisions. We will listen to guidance provided by our government and health officials, and we will keep you informed as decisions are made. In the meantime, I encourage you to not sink into a spirit of fear or dismay. Rather, soak in the faithfulness and sovereignty of God. Live on mission. Pray daily at 3:34 p.m. as a part of our 334 Prayer Initiative. This is the time to make much of Jesus and His gospel.

I deeply love you, First Baptist Prattville. I look forward to the wonderful day when I see you back on campus and we worship Jesus Christ, our Savior! I will “see” you this Sunday via livestream at 9:30 a.m.

Peyton Hill
Senior Pastor
Will FBCP continue to gather for worship and weekly activities?

We have chosen to cancel all on-campus worship services, Bible studies, meetings and gatherings of any kind until further notice. We will offer livestreamed worship services at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday and 6:00 p.m. each Wednesday that we do not gather in person. 

Wednesdays are called Table Talk. Table Talk is a panel discussion, and we invite you to send questions you want the panel to address. Email your questions to

How can I watch services or give online?

You can watch our services online at fbcprattville.org/watch or youtube.com/fbcpmedia. You can also give financially online at fbcprattville.org/giving. If you would like to mail a physical check or cash, please address to First Baptist Church Prattville, Attention: Finance Office, 138 South Washington Street, Prattville, 36067.

Will First Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten and Mom’s Day Out remain open?

First Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten and First Baptist Mom's Day Out will not return for the academic year, due to the state closure of all public K-12 schools. If you are a parent and have questions, please contact the program directors: Heather Jolley (FBPK) and Carla Salle (MDO)

Will the office and staff of FBCP be available throughout the week?

We have transitioned our staff to work for home. We will answer our office phones and emails remotely, so please feel free to contact us. We will keep a few staff members on campus Mondays from 7:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. should you want to deliver your offerings in person. We would encourage you, however, to give online at fbcprattville.org/giving or mail your offerings. We will continue to receive mail daily as usual.

What do I do if I need assistance but cannot leave my home?

Please email us at or call at 334-365-0606, and we will do our best to serve you.

What about FBCP short-term mission trips?

There is always an inherent risk with any type of mission travel – national or international. At the advisement of local health officials and the International Mission Board (IMB),we have decided to postpone all international mission trips until further notice. All national mission trips are being evaluated on a case by case basis. Though we are called to be part of God’s kingdom work through evangelism and missions, we also rest in God’s sovereignty and seek to be wise concerning the health and safety of our team members and their families (Acts 1:8/Psalm 127:1-2). Health and government officials advise limiting international travel, and we desire to show honor to our Lord by respecting those in authority (Romans 13:1).

Our missions pastor, Larry Jenkins, will update those specific teams as information arises. Continue to check this page for updates. 

How can I serve during this time?

We encourage you to serve and meet the needs of you neighbor during this unique time to the best of your abilities. Please take precautions, and be sensitive to those who are self-isolating. Here are a few ideas: 

1. Grab a yard sign and serve cards located on-campus outside the Fellowship Hall door entrance (breezeway.) You can also print the serve cards at home by visiting fbcprattville.org/resources.

2. Adopt a Member. This is a membership-serve effort where we partner you with a FBCP member who may be the most isolated during this time. Email Kelley Bradley to be connected to a member.

How can I respond spiritually to the COVID-19?

It is easy to become fearful and distant from people during these times. However, be reminded we are gospel-people. Sickness, death and suffering are part of our broken, sinful world, but we have trust and hope in Jesus. We never have to fear sickness or death if we have turned from sin and placed faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Take the opportunity in this season of rampant fear and uncertainty to share the gospel - the greatest news of all!

 Here are a few suggested prayer points:

  • For those suffering around the world by this virus
  • For God’s mercy in halting the spread of the virus
  • For doctors, nurses and health officials to have wisdom and insight
  • For people to come to salvation in Christ even as international missions are being postponed
  • For the Spirit to enable people to move from fear to hope and rest in the goodness and sovereignty of God