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Grow in Faith Together

We believe God wants each of us to walk in faith and that we should always seek the next step that God has planned for our learning and growth. At First Baptist we provide opportunities for people of all ages to grow healthy and whole relationships with God. During this time of growth we strive to become better disciples according to the command of Jesus Christ and be better equipped for the work of the SERVE ministry.

Grow Through Small Group Bible Study
Your spiritual growth requires you to have relationships and conversations in response to God's word with other believers. At First Baptist, these relationships and conversations happen through our Small Groups (Sunday School), Bible Study and Discipleship Groups – each one provides an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord and closer to those around you.

  • Small Groups (Sunday School) - You cannot grow and thrive unless you are involved in a small group—a group of people that meet together regularly for Bible study, community, accountability and prayer. At First Baptist our Small Groups meet on Sunday Mornings at 8:15 and 9:30 a.m.
  • Discipleship Groups - Discipleship Groups are short-term (usually 6-8 weeks) classes that focus on a particular topic or study. We offer many on-campus Bible studies for men and women during the year. At First Baptist our Discipleship Groups meet typically on Wednesday and Sunday Evenings.

Grow Through Prayer
Prayer is one of the most important and necessary aspects of Christian life. Whether you're praying for someone else or for your own strength, daily prayer connects us with God and helps us to discern his plan for us. Jesus taught us to pray by setting the example for us. He often went away from the people around Him and got alone with God. He prayed for His own strength and He prayed on behalf of other people. You can and should do the same. We offer you many opportunities to grow and strengthen your prayer life.  Learn More >

Grow Through Giving
We believe that we are called to give as God gives, to share as God shares - to be like God. We believe that giving back to God a portion of what He has given us is an essential part of our relationship with God. We know that our entire life is given to us as a gift from God - and we should respond accordingly. As stewards of God’s gifts, we accept that we're accountable to Him for how we use all that He has given us.